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Computer repairing/assembly/support – Practical course (Limited set)

We are starting a practical computer hardware course. If you:

  • Have theory knowledge but no practical experience
  • Want to develop a new skill
  • Want to become a computer technician or support technician
  • Want your career to be in the computer field and this will add to your skills and knowledge
  • Know that theory is not enough to be a good computer technician, so you need to practice in the field
  • Want to learn more about the hardware in computers and other technology


  • After training you will get  1-month practical experience job – (paid work)
  • Increase chances of getting a job in IT, as an IT technician / IT support
  • Help prepare for a practical skills interview and/or job
  • Learn a new skill and think in a new way

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computer components


Course content:

  • Motherboard: types of motherboards, Information, faults: find & replace,  installation, testing
  • BIOS: BIOS update, BIOS information.
  • RAM: types of RAM, faults  find & replace, installation, upgrade, testing
  • HDD: type of HDDs, faults find & replace, installation, upgrade, testing, data backup & recovery
  • CPU: types of CPUs, faults find & replace, installation, upgrade, testing
  • Power supply: types of power supplies, faults find & replace, installation, upgrade, testing
  • Windows 7/10: new installation, upgrade, backup

Course hours: 50 hours

Course time:  Five days a week (time is flexible)

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