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Wide Range of Design & Development Services Provided With A Personal Experience

NZ Computer has a great team of Web Designers & Developers who are ready to develop your site from scratch or create “bolt on” modules which will complement your existing framework nicely. You are welcome to visit our office & meet our genius  team members. Let us know what You want & it will be done as per your requirement. We also have more than 150 Free Templates. You can even choose from them.

We are here

In today’s competitive marketplace, you are either perfect or you are left behind. With traffic shifting towards mobile phone use, one cannot afford to have an online presence without a strong responsive design. So Stop Creating Different Websites for Different Platforms. Own a Responsive Web Design that Works on all Different Type of Devices and Saves Your $6000 Instantly. From the Total visitors, 61% people call you for services while using Mobile phones. If your website are not responsive and can’t show all the data of your site to the visitors which you are expecting to be showed, you are literally loosing that 61% of customers!!!

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